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WisdomPath Way

Dr. Kate Messina, PhD, LCSW

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Foster/Adoption Agencies, Organizations, Counties

  • Training in the WPW RP Approach for counties and agencies seeking certification in the WPW RP Approach. 

  • Parent training/workshops in the WPW RP Approach.

  • Consultation and training services:

    • The effects of DV/IPV on the social, emotional, and cognitive development of children/adolescents.​

    • The effects of prenatal substance exposure and postnatal trauma on the stress response system.

    • The essential steps to becoming a trauma-informed foster/adoption agency.

    • Reaching outside the box; innovative and integrative adjunctive treatment responses for the trauma-affected brain. 

    • Expert witness: consultation & testimony.

WPW Reparative Parent Coaching

Individuals, Couples, Families

It is often when we feel the most overwhelmed __ when we have "tried everything we know" to feel better, to make changes, to break out of bad habits or unhelpful behavior patterns __ that we find ourselves the most open to growth and change.


This is the purpose of both psychotherapy and coaching in the reparative parenting approach


Both processes provide the opportunity to open to the process of self-discovery, growth, and healing in order to find or regain a sense of well-being and a life of purpose and meaning.

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