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Psychotherapy & Reparative Parent Coaching

Individual psychotherapy at WisdomPath Way Institute is grounded in the foundational elements of the WPW Approach; the belief in our inherent drive toward self-actualization, neuroscience, psychodynamic and CBT theories, contemporary traumatology, and mind-body practices that yield a pathway to well-being and balance.

Relationships are complex and dynamic. At WisdomPath Way Institute, we honor the many ways that people love and connect and provide the foundational elements of neuroscience, mind-body practices, and key humanistic and psychological theories to illuminate the pathway to mutually respectful and sustainable relationships.

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The WisdomPath Way Reparative Parenting Approach is an evidence-informed, therapeutic parent-child coaching model for resource and adoptive parents, and other caregivers raising children who have experienced early childhood trauma or who are living with sensory processing difficulties or other emotional, behavioral, or cognitive challenges beyond the scope of conventional parenting. 

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