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WPW RP Training

Three levels of training in the WPW RP Approach are offered to agencies and counties seeking a trauma-informed therapeutic coaching model for professionals who work with trauma-affected children and their caregivers. 

Level I: Introduction to WPW RP
Level II: Coaching the WPW RP Approach
Level III: WPW RP ToT Certification

To inquire about WPW RP Training contact us

Become a
WPW RP Certified Coach

As we have come to understand the adverse effects of trauma on the developing brain of a child the imperative to utilize a trauma-informed approach when working with children and families impacted by trauma is clear. WisdomPath Way Institute is a training site for professionals seeking training hours and/or certification as a *WPW RP Coach.

Contact us to inquire about WPW RP Coach Certification.

*Applicants must hold a Master's Degree in Social Work or Psychology 

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Schedule a Speaker  Engagement with 

Dr. Kate Messina

The WPW RP Approach offers hope to resource and adoptive families who are raising trauma-affected children. As a speaker, Dr. Messina offers the audience a compassionate perspective on parenting trauma-affected children that balance wisdom with practical skills.


Dr. Messina reminds us that parents are our most natural and rich resource, and as such, it is imperative that we provide them with the reparative parenting tools needed to truly give children a second chance to believe that loving and being loved, fitting and belonging, is what we are here to do.

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